The Final Moment

Yesterday, we made the big announcement on social media that we will be closing down Scents the Moment.

Together, we have helped rescue so many dogs and cats with Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue and Twenty Paws Rescue. You were with us as we adopted Lucy, the rescue pittie. You were with us as we bought our first home and built our lab.  You were clicking away on your computers when we competed for Staten Island‚Äôs Online Business of the Year.  You cheered us on when the SBDC voted us as Business of the Month.

Many of you have become our friends and all of you have impacted our hearts and souls. We are eternally grateful for the relationships our business gave us the opportunity to build. 

Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support!  We want to let you all know this closing is a positive decision for our family ūüôā.  We will be officially shutting down our website August 31st, or when we sell out of product, whichever comes first. 

All of your orders from today and yesterday will be fulfilled on Friday. Happy 4th of July!! 

If you know anyone who may be interested in our supplies or equipment, we‚Äôre selling the entire lab for a really good price to make the room in our home as quickly as possible. Please feel free to call me, Kristen, at 718-667-3150 with any inquiries. 

We will be out of the country July 17th-July 24th, so any orders placed during that time will be fulfilled upon our return. 

As always, with our deepest love and gratitude

Kristen & Frank

Taking a Moment for the Game of Thrones Finale


I have been a devout fan of¬†Game of Thrones since the very beginning. I’m not just talking about HBO, I mean I-read-the-books-hardcore-fan.¬† I have felt love, I have felt loss, but I have never felt disappointment until HBO took over and released George R.R. Martin to the wind.

My analysis is simply the humble opinion of an English teacher who specializes in fantasy literature.

What HBO did right:

  • Personified Drogon with a depth and breadth of understanding that Daenerys never had. By burning the Iron Throne after Jon killed Dany, Drogon demonstrates his comprehension that the root cause of his mother’s death, his brothers’ deaths, and all of the suffering, was the quest for power. Drogon, of all the characters, illustrates the insight that power leads to corruption. The symbolism is poignant, epic, and makes sense since Drogon is supposed to be Khal Drogo, who was always disgusted by people obsessed with power (think Viserys in Season 1).
  • Making Sansa the Queen of Winterfell. If any character has shown a consistent growth, it has been Sansa. Her character development has been steady, with solid basis and anecdotal evidence to all lead her to that place. Lady Sansa has earned her keep as the Queen of the North, and while we can argue Bran’s blessing is nepotism, his near-omniscience makes us believe he has a greater understanding.
  • Samwell Tarly as Grand Maester is the precise payoff Sam has earned through his studies and character development. He has grown through plight, found his way to bravery, and continued to honor and value the pursuit of ethical knowledge above all. His precise balance of intellect and morality will make him ideal for the position.
  • Brienne’s dedication to Jaime. As much as they did Jaime wrong by making him fall back into the arms of Cersei, it’s not poor character development, it’s just because we (as the audience) hoped more for him. In truth, though, Jaime’s self-loathing is a flaw he has struggled with from the beginning, and the only consistency for him has been Cersei, while the main consistency for Brienne has been honor, and they both illustrated that to the very end.
  • Turning Daenerys into a villain. I know this is not a popular opinion, but what discerns heroes from villains is how we deal with hardship. Dany lost her claim to the throne, Jorah, Viserion, Rhaegal, and Missandei – any person would be completely heartbroken by this incredible loss over the last two seasons, but what would have distinguished her as a true leader and a rightful queen would have been to react with compassion and mercy, just as Jon said. Freedom is never bought without casualties, and as Tyrion explains, we cheered her on as she destroyed “the bad guys,” but a leader who continues to destroy her trusted advisers simply because they are advising her against bad decisions is no longer a leader, but a tyrant. A good leader, a leader of people, allows herself to be checked and questioned, to be open to different ways of doing things, and mostly, to know when she has made a mistake. Tyrion perfectly illustrates that Daenerys developed a god-complex over her unwavering philosophy.
  • I’m so glad Ghost got his hug. That killed me two episodes ago.
  • Bran as King of the Six Kingdoms.¬†Bran was definitely a surprising choice for most people, but a brilliant one. It was Bran’s push from the tower which essentially sparked the entire series. It was Bran’s dagger to lead to the death of the Night King. It was Bran’s strange journey to becoming the Three-Eyed Raven which allowed the truth about Jon to be revealed (and essentially, the truth about Daenerys).¬† A man who knows suffering, a man who knows survival, a man who knows the history of the realm, and an omniscient-like wisdom – as illustrated when he tells Jon that Jon was “exactly where he was supposed to be” – and the son of Ned Stark (which, by birth, transfers honor to him). Bran makes perfect sense and will be a wise, just ruler as we can see from his distributed leadership in the last scene.
  • Tyrion as Hand-of-the-King.¬† Yes, Tyrion has made mistakes, but there is not one mistake he made that he didn’t learn from. All we can ask from an excellent adviser is intellect, reason, ethics, morality, and mostly, reflection
  • Comic relief done right:
    • Ser Bronn of Blackwater and of Highgarden… the story of how a lowly, low-life sell-sword can become the Master of Coin.
    • Ser Bronn then being called “Lord of Lofty Titles” by Ser Davos.
    • Sam inventing democracy and being laughed off by old white men.
  • Arya heading West of Westeros… I don’t know if I hate this or love it. It is befitting of her character, as she was never content to live the life of a “lady,” but it almost feels empty. I think many of us feel cheated not knowing about the “green eyes” part of her prophecy, but I still put this in the “done right” category because there is absolutely nothing conventional that could have been justifiably given to Arya’s conclusion, so it was best left up to the imagination.
  • Ser Davos growing from an illiterate character to one who corrects grammar; what a beautiful tribute to Shireen Baratheon.
  • The pathways for a follow-up film or sequel:
    • Tyrion telling Jon they would probably meet again and to “ask [him] in ten years.”

What HBO did wrong:

  • They really did Jon dirty. No one even MENTIONS the fact that Jon is the TRUE heir to the Iron Throne at the end of the episode. Listen, we get that the Unsullied, Dothraki, and Dany-fans wouldn’t love what Jon did, but if Drogon could understand, then everyone else should have, too. And Tyrion, who essentially talked Jon into killing Dany, really should have spoken up for him. Not a word, a mention, meanwhile Jon risked himself advocating for Tyrion to Dany before he killed her. Only Sansa apologizes for not being able to do more for Jon. ONLY SANSA! Seriously, what do we learn from this? The man with the most respect and honor in the entire series has to kill BOTH of his lovers, get killed by his men, and then get ostracized by the very people he saved, all the while HE IS THE RIGHTFUL HEIR. I get not making Jon the King, but it should have been proposed to him to which he says no.¬† Tyrion is, and always will be, my favorite character, but Jon should have been the one to suggest Bran.¬† Jon knew what Bran went through. Jon knew he had to protect Bran. Jon and Bran always had a deeper connection for a visceral truth of the realm. Jon should have been given the right to suggest Bran, Bran made King for all the reasons presented in the show, and Jon made as one of the advisers because he served the realm on so, SO many other levels.¬† ¬†Not only was sending Jon back to Castle Black just wrong considering he was instrumental for saving the world, but to add that he cannot ever marry or have children just adds insult to injury.¬† It makes sense that Jon heads for the “real North,” as Tormund even describes Jon having the “real North in him” in previous episodes. Jon is also the only person who found a way to bridge the world of the Free Folk and the Seven Kingdoms, but always related more to the non-hierarchical diaspora of the Free Folk. I get why he goes there – his heart is not part of the Westerosi world, BUT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN HIS CHOICE. It should have been made clear that HE says it’s where he really wants to be and he should have had a major vote in who would be the next leader, not just make him walk away and disappear from existence.
  • Where are Varys’ “little birds” and raven notes to save Jon?¬† Why show us that he put those wheels in motion to never call back to them? There should have been some mention of it to have given his final days legacy and purpose.
  • Turning Daenerys into a villain (the flip perspective). While Daenerys made a dark turn these last two seasons, I really think there should have been more Easter Eggs for our beloved Khaleesi getting all Dark Phoenix on us (yes, bad Sophie Turner joke). For example, as much as I love(d) Ser Jorah, I really believe if she would have had him killed several seasons ago, we would have gotten a true taste of how bitter her wrath could be.¬† Tyrion tries to explain away this point by stating just because we defined the people as “bad,” her murder of them was still indication….eh, no, let’s be real, no throne is earned and maintained without blood and imperialism. Even our “good” characters have blood on their hands – remember Ned Stark killing Lady? There simply wasn’t enough development to have us question her character arc to make the last turn of events truly believable.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Feel free to Tweet me @scentsthemoment, too.

Kristen Fusaro-PizzoPresident

April 2019 Contest & Sweepstakes!



  • Place an online order and ONE product gets placed in the purse and YOUR name gets entered into the sweepstakes!
  • Place as many orders as you would like throughout the month for multiple entries.
  • Only eligible for ONLINE orders.
  • The winner receives the purse PLUS all of the goodies inside!
  • Winner will be called April 30th in the evening. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for specific times! (And give us a “like” while you’re there!)
  • Fine print: Must be at least 18 years old to be eligible. Prize can only be shipped in the United States. Orders must be placed ONLINE. This contest is not open to any purchases made in person or at events.


Holiday Shopping at the Hilton – the last show of 2018!

The last show of the year!

The old saying goes: Save the best for last, and that’s exactly what we did this year! Our last show of the season will be tomorrow at the Hilton. There will be door prizes, just for showing up, 51 tables of vendors, and a beautiful, elegant atmosphere.¬† ¬†Best of all, it’s the last chance to grab our goodies at show prices!


Copy of Copy of Copy of Holiday shopping at the hilton1.png

The Hardest Part is Getting Started

the hardest part is getting startedI recently started going to the gym.¬† I’m not a big fan of the gym, in fact, I would dare say that it is slightly above medieval torture on my scale of things I loathe.¬† I have tried so many different ways to make the moments at the gym joyful – from classes, to workout mixes, to Bluetooth headphones, to quality sneakers, but the feeling of dread is always the same.

I do 45 minutes of cardio and for whatever reason, the first 20 minutes are the worst. I even allow myself a 5-minute warm-up… to me, I’m “cheating” those extra 5 minutes. Time oppressively slows down whenever I do something I find loathsome.

This maligned battle of time seems to also work in reciprocal shifts. The longer I procrastinate on doing what I need to do, the faster time flies. For example, on days I tell myself I will go to the gym, but just at a later time, I’m up at 7am and five minutes later it’s 3pm.

I have to just show the hell up and hit the 25-minute mark.

That’s all it really takes for me to make it because, at that point, I talk myself through the next 20 minutes.¬† The elliptical conversation goes something like this:

  • Minutes 0-5 – Ok, I’m just warming up, let me just go at a normal pace and it won’t be so bad.
  • Minutes 6-18 – Dear God, let the shuffle in my iTunes pick the best songs ever so I can “dance.”
  • Minutes 18-25 – Feel that sweat? You did that. Let it drip. YOU LOVE IT!
  • Minutes 25-30 – Only 5 minutes left and you got 30 minutes of cardio in. You can do it! You can survive anything for 5 minutes!
  • Minutes 31-35 – Good momentum. The worst is over. Only 15 minutes to go!
  • Minutes 36-40 – Pick up the pace! Shuffle songs to the highest BPM!
  • Minutes 40-43 –¬† Almost freaking done! Push HARD – you’ve come this far!
  • Minutes 44-45 –¬†I’m a damn champion.

I realized that in order to make it through the first 25 minutes, I first need to show up. Showing up is definitely the hardest part of any routine that we want to get into, but sometimes a little positive, accountable self-talk is necessary:

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. Will it help me reach my goals?
  3. How do I feel when I have finished?

Our most precious commodity is our time, our moments, so how we spend each moment is crucial.  We need to look at our lives globally: How can I live the best life?  Use this guiding question to determine what activities are adding value to your life versus detracting from it.

Kristen Fusaro-PizzoPresident

Scents the Sounds: Perfect Musical Pairing with Soy Candles

Scents the Sounds Perfect Musical Pairing with Soy Candles

I absolutely¬†love all kinds of music.¬† My iTunes is home to thousands of songs of countless genres. From “Pure Moods” to Pitbull, Gregorian Monk Chants (yes, really) to Lady Gaga, Broadway, Big Band, Beatles, Billy Joel, Billie Holiday, Billy Idol, Billy Ray Cyrus – you get the big picture. I was raised with music as a form of catharsis, stress relief, joy, and celebration. My father is a musician, and both of my parents loved music so much that it was just normal in my childhood to have some form of music playing 24 hours a day. To this day, there are evenings when I cannot sleep without my headphones.

As important as music is to setting a mood and creating ambiance, I look at it like a fine wine in need of a cheese pairing. We have our musical playlists to rev us up while we work out, or the perfect driving station, pairing your soy candle with the right playlist can also add an additional layer of relaxation and home decor, especially while entertaining.

For each candle, I am going to offer a few songs that I believe perfectly suits the scent and creates an ideal moment. I am using my Amazon affiliate links so you can go directly to the song or album and check it out for yourself.

After the Rain –¬†Scented in Ozone, Mint, and Citrus

Beach Bumming – Scented in Sun, Sand, and Sea

It’s 5:00 Somewhere – Scented in Pina Colada

Summer Break – Scented in Ocean Mist

Unstressed – Scented in Lavender & Chamomile

Weekend Getaway – Scented in Lavender & Sandalwood


Kristen Fusaro-PizzoPresident

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

I am almost finished with my 11th year of teaching. As with every year, there have been times of laughter, times of sadness, times of confusion and dismay, times of pride. While I always enjoy reflecting on my own teaching, what I like to do this time each year, during Teacher Appreciation Week, is think about the teachers I had in my past who have played their role in shaping me into the person I am today.

To the following teachers, in alphabetical order…

Dr. Marilyn Aronson (deceased)
Dr. Aronson – there’s not a class day that goes by where I don’t feel you in my very bones. Your lessons about “Hard writing makes easy reading” continue to resonate and I hope I make you proud every time I teach it. I took your¬†Greek Tragedies book so I could have pieces of you with me from one of my favorite works during AP Lit,¬†Oedipus Rex. I hope you know you are a legend and you are loved.

Mrs. Stacie Brooks
You were my first teacher-love. You were the first person (outside of my family) who made me believe in myself. You called me out when I feigned illness, but you never made me feel bad about it – you always knew it was about my self-confidence. You made me love school and I am forever grateful.

Mr. Martin Doyle
Any Russian I learned in high school, I learned from you. Seriously, I wish I had you for all three years of Russian. You taught me incredible study techniques that actually made me a better student. You are the only reason I had any confidence to take Russian in college.

Professor Donald Loewen
You made me challenge my honor and made me a better person for it. You are also the person who made me fall in love with Russian. Spasibo bolshoye, Professor.

Mrs. Carol Lowe
You were one of the toughest English teachers at Tech and that’s why I loved you. You were no-nonsense, brilliant, with an amazing sense of warmth and kindness. Every kid respected you to the highest degree because you deserved it. You read all of our work, each and every word, and you let me express myself – yours was the only homework I ever wanted to do.

Ms. Judith Mandiberg
Your leading sentences are what gave me confidence in creative writing. You may not believe me, but I would write several different stories for each of those sentences. But what was more important was how you cared for us. You trusted us with your address to write you letters and during a time that was so tumultuous for me, you were a guiding light, personally answering each and every one of my letters. I’m sorry I stopped writing. If I could find your address again, this time I would come for coffee.

Professor Rachelle Moore
Your guidance, leadership, and friendship molded me into someone who was confident enough to take control and run my own programs. Your Computers in English Studies class is what has given me the confidence to build my own websites today. You inspired me to write poetry again.

Mr. Sigmund Robinson
I can still rattle off electronics equations because you made us memorize every one. I am able to fix small circuits, understand the difference between parallel and series, and appreciate my Jewish ancestry because of you.

Professor Libby Tucker
Your classes are literally the entire inspiration for my teaching! Because of you, I am able to teach the most amazing senior elective English class in the history of public school. You showed me that my love of folklore and the supernatural was real and valid – you gave me my life’s purpose.

Professor Al Vos
You actually taught me how to read Shakespeare and I am forever grateful. You opened up an entire world of figurative language, complex characters, love, devastation, all through the eyes of Iago, Prospero, Portia, and more. I only wish I can be half as inspiring when I teach Shakespeare.

Mr. Steven Zebofsky
You made me love history. Even though I was a horrible history student who couldn’t write an AP US essay to save my life, you taught me things about the world that no one else ever mentioned. I was always amazed and how all you needed to do was write an Aim on the board and still deliver a brilliant lesson simply through discussion and debate. Thank you for letting be Sparta and kicking Athens’ ass.

As you think about all the teachers who have positively influenced you or your children, please remember them during this special week. A little moment of gratitude means everything to us.

Kristen Fusaro-PizzoPresident

A Serenity Candle Created From Chaos

A Serenity Candle Created From Chaos

I bought twelve amber glass jars a little less than a year ago. I stored them in a drawer for that entire time. I had a million ideas for these jars. I knew I wanted them to be a candle, but I pined over the design of the label, and most importantly, over the fragrance.

I knew I wanted something a little spicy. In my mind, I kept seeing a phoenix, or the symbolic burning of rebirth. I experimented with a sweet orange and jalapeno fragrance, but I smelled no spice. Then I tried a caramel and cayenne, it just smelled like burnt sugar. I mixed hot pepper with lavender, with vanilla, with sandalwood… everything was just awful and burned my nose. I sadly decided to give up on the hot pepper.

I was actually a little heartbroken. I did not just want to buy a conventional fragrance oil; I really wanted this candle to speak to whoever was burning it – I wanted them to hear my soul through the blend of fragrances.

The scent still needed fire and spice – I had to show that aspect; the part where you find the strength to emerge from the flame, but I realized I needed it to be delicious. This spice shouldn’t be painful; this spice was meant to demonstrate empowerment, so the candle needed to also be sweet, or tangy, but completely palatable.

The idea of patchouli struck me. Alone, patchouli is musky with a bit of earth, not the hot spice I was looking for, but combined with chocolate, it is complex – both sweet and green; it gives the chocolate a punch. To add to the depth of this new combination, I wanted something floral. I love the scent of true rose, but it is dominating and overpowering, so blending rose with a fruit base to make a rose-jam scent would be perfect.

The combination of patchouli, chocolate, rose, and jam is sophisticated, intoxicating, and serene. It immediately reminded me when you’re at the breaking point and you absolutely need a moment to step away from the stressors of your life. The scent is both so complex, much like our daily chaos, I wanted something to balance the scent with tranquility. That’s where the idea of our logo came into mind.


Serenity Prayer Candle Scents the Moment
Shop the Serenity Prayer Candle


Instead of further complicating the deep and provocative scent combination I created with a witty and wordy name, I chose the Tree of Life directly from our logo. This tree is a perfect symbol of serenity. That’s when the name finally hit me… Serenity Prayer.

The most famous part of the “Serenity Prayer” poem by Reinhold Nieubuhr:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

The final goal of creating this new limited-edition candle was to ask people¬†to stop and meditate when they light the candle. The objective is to make the moment so peaceful from the alluring aroma and candlelight that everyone could stop to collect themselves, say the “Serenity Prayer” and find that moment of calm.


More than Soap and Candles: Twenty Random Facts About the Maker

More than Soap and Candles - Twenty Random Facts About the Maker

I realized in 3 years of blogging about business, I have never actually written about myself. I like to think that anyone who is shopping with Scents the Moment is someone who is already quite conscientious about living a natural, healthy lifestyle and about caring for animals, so they would also be curious about the person who is crafting their products. Hey, I figure if my soap is hanging out in your shower, you should allow me to introduce myself – Hi, I’m Kristen Fusaro-Pizzo and I am honored to be a part of your morning routine!

Firstly, while I do credit Frank, my husband, as being co-owner, I am the one who does 99% of the product-making – with the rare occasion where Frank will help me mix some bath salts. That’s why this particular article is more about me – the one behind your candles and soap.

In no particular order, here are some facts about me:

  1. I was a complete nerd in high school and proud of it. I was one of the captains of the bowling team, one of the founders of mah-jongg club, and one of the editors of the yearbook РI even went to yearbook camp.  I now teach in the same high school where I was a student.
  2. I have read Macbeth at least 50 times and can recite random portions of it from memory.
  3. My all-time favorite Broadway musical was¬†Rent.¬†I was definitely a “Rent-head” all throughout college.
  4. My college major was English with a minor in Russian language and literature. My first master’s¬†degree is in teaching secondary English, and my second master’s degree is in educational leadership.
  5. I have not traveled nearly as much as I would like to, but I have been to Russia and South Korea, both of which were really amazing.
  6. When I craft new soap recipes, I see the whole process backward in my head. I envision myself smelling my soap while in the shower and begin designing with that end moment in mind.
  7. My all-time favorite sitcom is The Golden Girls with The Goldbergs as a very close second. I prefer light comedy but have never missed an episode of Game of Thrones.
  8. I have no qualms about being a child-at-heart. I love¬†Harry Potter, Disneyworld,¬†The Little Mermaid, playdough, “Guess Who,” Super Nintendo… I’d rather be in Disneyworld than anywhere else on the planet.
  9. Despite being the head of a business network, business owner, and high school teacher, I am actually very much an introvert. I would pick alone-time or time with my pittie, Lucy, over anything else.
  10. It is my life’s goal to own a large dog rescue ranch where unwanted pit bulls can roam free and live out happy, healthy, loved lives. (All dogs would be welcome, I just have an affinity for pit bulls because they’re the underdog… pun intended.)
  11. I have absolutely no fear of public speaking but I am deathly afraid of rollercoasters.
  12. I like to identify as Slytherin, but my Pottermore told me I’m a Ravenclaw. I just can’t get down with that, though.
  13. My greatest dislikes are:
    1. People starting to eat before everyone has been seated or served.
    2. People who are too proud to admit mistakes or being wrong.
    3. People who lie to make themselves look better.
    4. People who are generally phony or unoriginal.
    5. Celery. Disgusting.
  14. I use all my reject products on myself. I am keenly aware of waste and it breaks my heart. I secretly judge people who don’t recycle.
  15. I am distinctly unlucky. I once picked all 5 numbers, in order, of the New York Pick-5 lotto… but never bought a ticket.¬† I bowled a 298 game after I was pulled out of a match.¬† I hit the 7-10 split spare in bowling but no one was around to see me do it.
  16. My all-time favorite food is pizza.
  17. I absolutely love teaching Grendel by Gardner, Macbeth (as you figured), Greek Mythology, and 1984 by Orwell. Teaching these works makes me so excited to go to work every morning.
  18. I have difficulty trying to complete one task at a time. This is a great source of anxiety for me as I am always working on multiple things at once and never feel accomplished. (I also never feel finished about anything, which creates more anxiety.) I actually believe my anxiety is both a detriment to my health and a core aspect of my success.
  19. If I had a million dollars, I would pay off my house, my parents’ house, my in-laws’ house, put money aside for my niece and nephew to go to college anywhere they want, and rescue more dogs. If I had any leftover… (which I probably wouldn’t,¬†considering the price of college these days)… but if I did, I would put a down payment on a little soap shop by the water.
  20. My birthday is on Christmas. My Mom’s name is Mary. My father-in-law’s name is Joseph. I was born on a Sunday. Chew on that.

Kristen Fusaro-PizzoPresident

What is Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine?

What is Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine_

I have long been intrigued by Ayurveda and ancient Indian herbalist practices. My introduction to Ayurveda is actually one of the (many) reasons I chose to develop my own skincare; I just didn’t feel Western culture used enough of these practices in our own holistic health.

The main practice of Ayurveda is the balance between mind, body, and spirit. It is the belief that if all three are in balance, you will be healthy. It suggests that total wellness is a derivative of all aspects of the whole self, meaning that the root of medical ailments is not always solely physical. Another important aspect of Ayurveda is understanding the harmony in the universe; the belief that the whole universe, alive or dead, is all interconnected.

The Three Doshas of Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, it is understood that all humans are divided into five elements of the universe: space, air, fire, water, and earth.

As explained by WebMD: “These combine in the human body to form three life forces or energies, called doshas. They control how your body works. They are Vata dosha (space and air); Pitta dosha (fire and water); and Kapha dosha (water and earth).

Everyone inherits a unique mix of the three doshas. But one is usually stronger than the others. Each one controls a different body function. It‚Äôs believed that your chances of getting sick — and the health issues you develop — are linked to the balance of your doshas.”

Achieving Balance

Imbalance occurs when we have accrued too much of one specific dosha. Too much Vata dosha, which is the control of the basic body function, can lead to anxiety, heart disease, skin problem, arthritis. Too much Pita dosha are more likely to develop metabolic and gastrointestinal issues, high blood pressure, and infections. Too much Kapha dosha is usually shown through obesity, cancer, diabetes, nausea, as it is related to the main body system.

To achieve balance, Ayurvedic practices would teach us to follow these steps for a healthy, balanced life:

  • Eat foods that are mildly spiced. The best spices to use are cumin, turmeric,¬†coriander, fennel, mint, asafetida (hing), black pepper, dried powdered ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne. These spices help aid in digestion and balanced eating.
  • Do not wait until you’re full to stop eating. Eat only until you are no longer hungry.
  • Drink water that is alkaline. You can use lemon or lime with deionized water (like Smart Water).
  • Use skincare products rich with¬†real sandalwood and jasmine. This is one of the reasons we make our natural probiotic deodorant, It’s the Pits, with sandalwood powder.
  • Exercise moderately most days of the week. Practice yoga and deep-breathing exercises¬†every day.
  • Read, study, or create at least once per week.
  • Spend time just being alone and quiet. No cell phone, no technology, no music. Try to walk through nature, like a park or beach, while practicing this mental clarity.
  • Build bonded relationships with people and animals. Give hugs and love!

Kristen Fusaro-PizzoPresident