Shop Small Saturday 2016 – Our Favorite Indie Brands!

Shop Small Saturday 2016 - Our Favorite Indie Brands!

Shop Small Saturday is a huge initiative started by American Express back in 2010. With over 65% of jobs in America derived from small businesses, and over 220,000 small business in New York City alone, you can see why it’s so important to keep your local economy supported.

As a small business, we work hard to purchase all of our supplies from other small businesses as well as support other indie brands and makers. After you fill up your cart on our website for Shop Small Saturday (and earn a free gift with your $100 purchase), we want you to check out some of our other favorite brands!  (In no particular order…)


Evanescence Supreme Luxury Facial Serum
Evanescence Supreme Luxury Facial Serum
Butter Angels Lip Moisturizer


Scrubz Body Oilz Shea Butter & Botanical Oil Lotion


Hazel Daze Boutique Lock & Key Necklace
Jackie’s Origami Owl Large Silver Locket
Create Energy: Caffeine Molecule Mug
Handcrafted Honeybee Create Energy Caffeine Molecule Mug
Beansie Cakes Bakery
Noelle’s Touchstone Jewelry Black Ice Bracelet
Fast-Track Action Coaching Package
Donna DeRosa Fast Trak Coaching Package
heleka natural artisan solid perfume
Heleka Solid Perfume
Ritual Waters Herbal Salve


Conditioner Bar - Click Image to Close
Le Pampered Pig Pigtails Conditioner Bar
Alegna Goat Milk Soap



How to be the Perfect Holiday Host and Guest – Part Two: For Guests

How to be the Perfect Holiday Host and Guest - Part Two: For Guests

You’ve been invited to an amazing dinner party, or maybe even overnight. You’re traveling over the river and through the woods to get there, you should definitely expect some sweet treatment from your host, but you have some responsibilities as a guest, too.

If you want to be the superb guest, and leave your hosts begging for you to stay, you have to follow some of these tricks:

  1. Never arrive empty-handed. This is the cardinal rule. Your hosts are going out of their way to make you comfortable, you be sure to arrive with something to offer. Appropriate gifts for dinner parties include wine (a red or white, ask your host’s preference), desserts, or a tray of homemade food. If you’re staying overnight, a more appropriate gift would be a bit more personal to the host, such as a beautiful plant, a gift bag of bath and body goodies, a gorgeous scented candle, or even something technological, like the Amazon Echo Dot.
  2. Offer to help set-up and clean-up, but be sincere about it. If your host insists you just relax, then just slip in and do some little things to help out, like clearing plates, or grabbing extra ice.
  3. Ask permission before opening someone’s fridge or cupboard, and only really enter these realms if absolutely necessary.
  4. Silence your phone and stay off of it while you’re at the table. In general, keep phone use to a minimum, and if you absolutely must use your phone, excuse yourself to step outside or use the restroom. Stay present with the people around you.
  5. Be neat and tidy. If you happen to spill anything, promptly clean it up. When in the bathroom, make sure you fold your towels and everything is as it was.
  6. Keep your belongings out of the way. Stash your purse somewhere out of sight, but easy for you to reach if needed. When staying overnight, place your clothes back in your suitcase, make the bed, and toss used towels into the hamper.
  7. Graciously accept whatever your host offers you (unless you have allergies or a strict dietary preference). Always compliment your host genuinely – if you loved the food, music, decor, find something positive to stay.
  8. Keep politics and religion out of the conversation! If this discussion incurs without your doing, just be an active listener, but do not engage to avoid any awkwardness or hurt feelings.
  9. Don’t just eat and run, but read the temperature and tone of the room to get signals when it’s time to leave. Don’t overstay your welcome.
  10. Do not take a doggie-bag unless your host insists. Do not even ask to take stuff home, just wait for the offer – and if the offer doesn’t come, don’t worry about it.
  11. Respect your host’s home. If you smoke, go outside, if there are no shoes allowed, take yours off. They may not be the same rules you follow, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do.
  12. Mingle with other guests. In the famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, one golden piece of advice he offers is to ask lots of questions. In a study he conducted, people who said nothing about themselves, but asked dozens of questions to others, the others found that person incredibly intriguing. Play on this fact – people love talking about themselves!  Of course, make sure your conversation and questions are topical, appropriate, and non-invasive.

We wish you a beautiful holiday season, and no matter whether you’re the guest or host, gratitude is the greatest gift and presence you could ever offer.

Interview with Rolande Sumner of Butter Angels

Interview with Rolande Sumner of Butter Angels

Rolande Sumner and I became fast friends through the Indie Business Network. She opened her business, Butter Angels, LLC., a bit over a year ago, and I just fell in love with her enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge. We started with speaking to each other through the IBN forum, but quickly began messaging and calling one another. Our professional relationship morphed into a true friendship, and I am ever grateful to have met such an intelligent, ambitious, compassionate, giving woman and fellow entrepreneur.

Rolande has had an interesting journey into entrepreneurship, including beginning her career in the military. One of Rolande’s, and Butter Angels’, main goals is to support fellow women veterans. Much of Rolande’s work is based in charity, including the KEY P.E.A.R.L.S. Youth Mentorship Program of Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority Inc; this program supports and mentors little girls so they grow to become intelligent and strong women. Butter Angels, like Bath, Body, Candle Moments, is certified by Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free International, and they donate a portion of sales to the Leaping Bunny program, as well. There is no shortage of charity involved in Butter Angels, which is just one of the reasons why I personally love Rolande’s business.

I purchase from Butter Angels, and I am a huge fan of their lip moisturizers and lotion bars, which are completely natural, moisturizing, and totally fabulous. I encourage you to listen to Rolande’s interview because she is a true American dream and inspiration. Of course, you absolutely need to try Butter Angels’ products!


Bath, Body, Candle Moments is proud and honored to support other small businesses, especially those businesses we patron and believe in – Butter Angels is at the top of our list!

Triumphs of the Every-Day “Nasty” Woman

Triumphs of the Every-Day "Nasty" Woman

The social and political upheaval of the recent election is hard to ignore. Everywhere you turn there are divisions, discord, and polarized parties. It’s all been emotionally exhausting.

On the positive spectrum, it has made me deeply reflective about feminism. I always considered myself a feminist – not the extreme bra-burning, hairy-armpit type of feminist, but the feminist who believes in empowering other women. I have bonded with my fellow women more recently than ever, and it’s because I am looking at you through different eyes – through eyes of admiration, respect, empathy, and scrutiny.

It’s not about pro-Trump or pro-Clinton, it’s about pro-women, and despite my snarky and sassy title, I have respect for all women because this is what I see in you – my beautiful, every-day “nasty” women:

  1. You’re the best friends anyone could ask for. You open up, you’re vulnerable, you’re honest, and it makes you undeniably beautiful. You support and back each other up; you stand up for one another. You fight for each other harder than you fight for yourself. Your loyalty is unwavering.
  2. You are incredible mothers. Your little kids are happy and blissfully ignorant of the ugliness in the world. Your older children are aware, respectful, and look to improve the future. You have created more than human life; your effervescent and robust mothering has created citizens.
  3. You are staunch business-women and entrepreneurs. You know your figures, your vision, and you have an impenetrable drive that keeps you moving forward. You support each other’s businesses by promoting, advocating, and raising each other up.
  4. You are dedicated mentors and teachers. You freely give of your time and your spirit to help others grow. You share ideas, offer constructive feedback, and empower one another.
  5. You are astoundingly kind and empathetic. You will open your heart and ears to anyone who needs them. You feel, you love. You are far too hard on yourself, but readily see the beauty in others.
  6. You are strong partners and wives. You stand by the person you love with guidance. You go above and beyond managing your household, ensuring everyone is safe and happy – even the plants and pets.
  7. You are truly wise. You have a deep insight and introspection, a fairness and pragmatism which includes heart and soul. You know there is always more to learn, and listen to the world with receptive ears.
  8. Your beauty is in your details. Not your make-up, or your nails, though that is surely noticed, but in your stories, your laughter, your way to light up the room.
  9. You are humbly brilliant. You can speak about Monet, or Chevrolet engineering; you tear up at Walt Whitman, or the perfect saponification. You know just enough about pop-culture, sub-culture, other cultures to make you worldly and confident.
  10. You are crafty and artistic. The way you pull together the perfect shoes, or buy the off-the-beaten-path bag. You paint, doodle, draw, and create the perfect cup of coffee.
  11. You’re fierce advocators for the rights of others. Civil, social, political, economic, you clearly see there is life beyond you, and will speak for the unspoken, fight for the tired, and feed the hungry.

Today, I applaud you “nasty” women, because if being “nasty” is being like you, then I can only hope to be nasty one day.

The Call for Civility in our Nation


The Call for Civility in our Nation

This was a hard election  for many people for a multitude of reasons in a seemingly infinite array of directions. In my nearly 33 years of existence, hardly have I ever seen an outcry of such extensive proportions. Maybe it’s the access to media, maybe it’s social media, maybe it’s the true disappointment of the American people (whether before or after the election). In whatever way a person voted, everyone has the right to civility, diplomacy, and peace.

It’s fine to vent your excitement or sorrow; in fact, I would argue to say that it’s absolutely healthy. Sing praises, cry, whatever you need to do, but do not hinder or demean the opinion of others. Do not presume to understand all of the myriad of layers to a person’s decision. Hardly does anyone ever agree 100% with a candidate, you simply choose who you feel would be best suited for the role.

In the wake of this election, I have been called a “liberal elitist,” “arrogant,” “overeducated,” and “fed with a silver spoon.” I do not feel I have to justify my choices, but I also feel I am being placed into a corner like a trapped, starving animal. I am a woman, a teacher, a small business owner, I work two full time jobs, as does my husband; I have paid my student loans for 12 years, and have at least another 150 years left. I pay my mortgage, my taxes, and my bills. These were all choices I made – not to be called these hateful things, but because I wanted to build a life where I educated people to learn how to make choices civilly, not because I wanted to dictate what another person should believe, or because I wanted to be “better” than anyone else.

I may not agree with your choice, but I will forever defend your right to make that decision. What I will not tolerate, and what I plead with all the American people not to tolerate, is to use this election for bigotry, hatred, vitriol, or seditious commentary. We are Americans, whether we or our parents immigrated here or were born here, and we all have the right to not fear.  Hatred towards other people, or towards either candidate, only fuels ignorance.

I hate that I have to fear writing this post because I may be isolating people I love and care about, but I would hate more to watch men and women of all races, faiths, ethnicities, or sexual orientations to be that same trapped animal. I do not believe a person is ignorant for voting in either direction, in fact, I commend you for voting and making your choice. I believe ignorance is the true root of hatred, and I only feel there is ignorance when you hate a person simply for being who and what they are.

So this is my call to my America: Please just remember that your words and actions matter. For as much hatred there already is in the world, respond to it with calmness, with peace, with love. There is far too much violence without good, hardworking, everyday people adding to the mix. We have our right to pursue happiness, as do all people. Check yourself if you feel anger brewing. Write it down on paper and burn it. Be the person your dog thinks you are.


Yes, Your Vote Matters #getyourasstothepoll

Yes, Your Vote Matters #getyourasstothepoll

Presidential elections are poignant pieces of living history, but far too many people either don’t have the insight to understand this, or apathy has reared her ugly head. I normally do not get involved in politics online, especially social media, as it is a distraught circus-like rabbit hole of indignant attitude and vitriolic speech.  But today I have to say my piece and it was inspired by comment on social media:

I will not vote today. (Edited)

I lost it. I lost my sangfroid, my silence, my patience, all of my yoga-like practices that have kept me scrolling through the folderol of the hoi polloi. I would even stay quiet to a seditious comment of contempt over this blatant display of apathy.

Although ratified in 1870, the 15th Amendment which allowed African-American men the right to vote was not truly recognized until the Voting Rights Act of 1965. It took 100 years for our black brothers and sisters to constitutionally gain the right to vote. #getyourasstothepoll

It took fifty years, and the blood, sweat, and tears of hundreds of women, such as Susan B. Anthony, to ratify the 19th Amendment in 1920 to allow women the right to vote. #getyourasstothepoll

The 24th Amendment prohibits the revocation of voting rights due to the non-payment of a poll tax or any other tax in 1962. Economic status no longer mattered when choosing your leader. #getyourasstothepoll

It took the Vietnam War, and thousands of young men being killed, for the 26th Amendment to be ratified which prohibits the denial of the right of US citizens, eighteen years of age or older, to vote on account of age. #getyourasstothepoll

You complain that your vote doesn’t matter because of the traditional status of the state you live in. You complain that your vote doesn’t matter because you hate all of the candidates. You complain that your vote doesn’t matter because the election is “rigged.”

Really? You know who your vote matters to – to the hundreds of thousands of people who have died without a voice to be heard. If you have no respect for what’s going on today, how about for our American ancestors? How about for the citizens of Saudi Arabia, Vatican City, North Korea, Syria who are either explicitly barred from voting, or their election is actually rigged? #getyourasstothepoll

I don’t care who you vote for, seriously – I made my choice, and your choice is your right, but to not vote at all is exactly what creates the cycle of bad candidates. Write in Big Bird for all I care, but show that you care enough for your future, for your childrens’ futures, to actually make a statement. Heck, if 100% of people voted in Big Bird as our next President, then you know what, you stand by Big Bird because he was a choice. A choice that thousands…no, millions, of people never had.


You know who your vote matters to – to the hundreds of thousands of people who have died without a voice to be heard..jpg


How to be the Perfect Holiday Host and Guest – Part One: For Hosts

How to be the Perfect Holiday Host and Guest - Part One: For Hosts

You have just taken up one of the oldest and most difficult jobs in the history of humankind – being a host. In ancient Greece, the concept of hospitality was coined xeniaand this concept embodied the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home and/or associates of the person bestowing guest-friendship. In the times of ancient Greece, hosting was incredibly important because means of travel were a true hardship, and while planes, trains, and automobiles have certainly made travel simpler than battling Poseidon, Charybdis, and Scylla, the value of treating your guests with the utmost honor and hospitality have not changed.

Think about the hotel industry – quite literally a trillion-dollar industry is built on the concept of hosting.  When you’re hosting, try to imagine how you would want to be treated in a five-star hotel. Once you’ve found the right mindset, the rest includes simple steps to ensure your guests arrive and embark home with a sense of joy, respite, and true honor.

Dinner Guests

  1. Food. This is by far the most important part of hosting. You want to make sure there is plenty of food for all the people you are hosting. The best way to plan is to prepare 25% more than what you actually will need. If you end up with leftovers, great, but you never want someone to go for seconds to conclude with a disappointed and empty plate.
    1. On the same token of food – It is courteous and necessary to accommodate different dietary needs and concerns. Yes, this can be tedious, but to ingratiate your guests, an absolute need. Here are questions to ask:
      1. Do you have any allergies?
      2. Are there any food groups you avoid? (Meat, fish, gluten, dairy, nuts – these are the big ones).
    2. Along with your planned dinner, which should generally consist of appetizers, a main course, and several side dishes, you should have fruit, nuts, and dessert for after-dinner.
  2. Drink. You want to offer a variety of beverages in different categories. Wine (red and white), soft drinks, iced tea, and water will usually cover all of your bases.
  3. Restroom. You want your restroom being used by guests to be fresh and clean. Fresh towels, a new bar of soap, a lit soy candle for scent-masking and ambiance, and a room spray available for user’s discretion.
  4. The dinner table should be set and ready for serving. Now is a good time to bring out your best china, decorate your table with festive garnish and a candle. Place the utensils in order of use – soup spoon first, then salad fork, then dinner fork, then dinner knife.
  5. Keep an eye out to ensure people’s glasses are always full. A good host seamlessly refills glasses.
  6. Presentation is so important! Place cooked food in serving-ware. You can opt for family-style or pre-make the plates and serve each person individually.
  7. When guests arrive, be sure to collect their coats and offer a safe place for personal items.

Overnight Guests

  1. Along with everything above, if you have guests staying overnight, you want to make sure you have food accessible to your guests in the refrigerator. Explicitly offer your guests the right to allow themselves access to the fridge. A simple “Please help yourself at anytime to the fridge or cupboard” will suffice.
  2.  Have fresh linens on the guest bed – make sure the bed is made. In the room, have a pile of freshly washed towels – you want to provide at least one large towel per person. Also provide each guest with their own fresh bar of soap.
  3. In the morning, have a fresh pot of coffee brewed and a full tea kettle full of water ready to make hot tea. You will probably be exhausted from cooking the night before, so consider a continental breakfast with some bagels, cream cheese, butter, yogurt, and fresh fruit.
  4. Restrooms and bedrooms should be completely clean and fresh-smelling.

Special Touches – Hosting is a lot of work, but if you’re ready to go above-and-beyond, here are some tips to really wow your guests.

  1. Place chocolates, lip moisturizer, or a fresh flower on the pillows of your overnight guests.
  2. Provide your guests with their own pair of disposable slippers.
  3. In your bathroom, have a bowl with individual lip moisturizers that guests can take.
  4. Have light music playing throughout the evening.
  5. Have some soft music playing in the restroom, to allow for more discretion and a special touch.
  6. Provide aromatherapy spray for your overnight guests to help them feel relaxed and at-ease.
  7. Have bottles of water readily accessible for dinner guests, and provide bottles of water in the room of your overnight guests.
  8. If you really want to impress and wow, send guests away with small gift bags.

Do you have any extra tips and tricks to be an outstanding host? Comment below!

Shop ‘Till You Drop November – Specials and Discounts

Shop 'Till You Drop November - Specials and Discounts

The air is chilly, the days are shortening, the costumes are stashed away for next year, all we have now is election banter and the holidays – and online shopping! Just a few clicks of a button and you have safe and secure online shopping with Bath, Body, Candle Moments! Just wait a couple of days, and the shipment is at your fingertips – and no matter where you are in the United States, there’s free shipping on orders of $49 or more! (We ship to Canada, too!).

This year we’re offering several specials and perks just for shopping with our certified cruelty-free and vegan store! First perk, but you have to be a Facebook VIP (it’s free to join, just click the link), are the “8 Weeks of Cheer Holiday Contests.”  Each week during the 2016 season, we will run a special contest for our VIPs only! The contests, prizes, and number of winners will vary each week. Contests will run every Tuesday from November 1, 2016 – December 20, 2016. All VIPs are eligible to participate in every contest, and are eligible to win as many that apply. Why not join in on the fun and win some cool stuff?

Shop 'Till You Drop November Specials
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Want a reason to shop BEFORE Black Friday?

Our GIFT SETS are on sale through November 18th, no coupon required! We only have limited quantities of gift sets, so you definitely want to grab them, especially before we start making rounds at shows or before they go up in price!

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at – Enjoy every moment!