We’re All Busy: Six Quick Ways to Show Someone You Care

We're All Busy: Six Quick Ways to Show Someone You Care

We're All Busy: Six Quick Ways to Show Someone You Care

We have all  been there. Something comes up, you’re getting close to a deadline, your dishwasher just exploded – we’re busy, super busy. Sometimes we’re too busy to even think straight. The problem with being too busy is that it can create tension in relationships, leaving a person feeling vulnerable and rejected if you’re always too busy for him/her. Luckily, it doesn’t take much time to show someone you care about them even when your schedule is crushing you like a garlic press.

Here are some quick tips and ways you can show people you care about them:

  1. Send a handwritten note. It only takes a few moments of your time, and the cost of a stamp, to write a quick note to someone you love and drop it in the mailbox. The person will feel special that you did take that time to think about him/her enough to make the gesture.
  2. Send someone a text message acknowledging your absence. Something along the lines of: “I am so sorry I have been missing-in-action lately. I promise as soon as (whatever is eating your schedule) clears up, we will grab a cup of coffee!”
  3. Offer up a Facetime date or a Skype date. Maybe you’re stuck working late at your computer, but you can have a five minute face-to-face chat with someone to just create validity in your relationship and demonstrate you care enough to stop for that time.
  4. Pick a time and date when you know you will be free again and give someone a call to make the future plans. The person will most likely be understanding of your current situation if you’re making the effort to schedule a future hang-out. Of course, don’t cancel on these plans or you will give the perception of being a flake; be sure of the date and time before you make the call.
  5. Share an article or funny meme paired with an email. You can write: “I’ve been so busy trying to keep up with the kids’ practices, but I saw this article/meme and I absolutely knew you would find it hilarious!” It shows you are still thinking about the person, even within your hectic schedule.
  6. Invite the person to come along to an event. Maybe you have a big family barbecue, or you have to go shopping – if it’s an event that would be open to you inviting other people, it could be a great way to both fulfill your obligations and spend time with your loved one.

What are some tips you have for maintaining your relationships and keeping up with your busy lifestyle?

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