Retail Partner Spotlight: Hazel Daze Boutique

Retail Partner Spotlight - Hazel Daze Boutique

In today’s blog post I am so incredibly excited to introduce to you one of our esteemed retail partners, Hazel Daze Boutique, and the amazing shop owner, Lib DeNure! I first reached out to Lib after I was scouring through Pinterest for handcrafted items for the house we’re buying. I was immediately hooked and fell in love with the shop because of Hazel Daze’s focus on fair-trade and ethically sourced products from around the world; I simply had to reach out.   One email later, and it was an immediate connection.  Lib, who was originally from Brooklyn, just completely understood me and our company; we shared the same wave-length.

Kristen: Where is your shop located?
Lib:  86 Post Road in Fairfield, Connecticut. We’re open Monday from 12-5, Tuesday-Friday from 11-6, and Saturday from 12-5. You can call us at 203-292-9662, or email us at

Kristen: Where did you get the name for your shop?
Lib:  It all started in February 2012 when my son Peter and I were coming back from the New York Gift Fair. This was his first “buying” trip, for our online store and we found ourselves attracted to many textured, colorful, offbeat products – not ones that I would traditionally buy. The “brick and mortar” idea was born on that train ride. Even the name was created that day. Hazel was my Nana’s name on my mom’s side, and Daze……well, it complimented the Hazel with the matching Z, but also had a certain feel to it, a play on words and as well as a funky aura.

Kristen: How did Hazel Daze become a brick-and-mortar store?
Lib: It was a full-blown fantasy, and was never mentioned again, until one day, on a whim, I popped into a commercial real estate office. Nothing hit the spot or my budget, until a few days later, when I got a call back and was introduced to 86 Post Road, Fairfield, Connecticut across from Vinny’s. This space was the former Hookah Lounge, I was told, and had a very colorful background. It seemed to fit, and when the first name I saw on the graffiti-laden basement wall was the name of my oldest son, it just seemed like the right place for Hazel Daze to begin! So, I took the rental and we plunged in. It was a giant undertaking, but also a wonderful challenge. We opened Hazel Daze Boutique in less than a month, on June 8, 2012 stocked with unique and unusual handmade creations, from fun jewelry and cool accessories to imaginative home decor, made by fine artisans in our own backyard and around the globe.

Kristen: What kind of items can be found in your shop?
Lib: We carry items from all over the world, from our local community, all the way to Bali, with 80-90 percent of the items being handmade. We carry handcrafted jewelry and vintage postcard art to handwoven bags, framed photographs, bath and body, aromatherapy, and eclectic home décor.

Kristen: I know you do a lot of work with the local community, any spotlights?
Lib: We began working with Our Woven Community, which is run through the Burroughs Community Center in Bridgeport. Our Woven Community sells handmade items — such as scarves and handbags — produced by refugee women now living in the Bridgeport area.Each piece made from Our Woven Community has the story of the woman who made the item and how the artist made it to Connecticut, as most women have spent several years in a refugee camp before coming to America. Each woman receives 50 percent of what the item is sold for as compensation. But I don’t take any cut from any of these sales; 100 percent of the money is donated back.

Kristen: What initially attracted you to Bath, Body, and Candle Moments?
Lib: Your initial reach out to be featured in Hazel Daze was very well written and professional. With many artist proposals daily, your email stood out and got me hooked. Also I loved that your business gives back to your community! In your case, donating money for rescuing animals. Here at Hazel Daze we ALWAYS strive to provide eco-friendly products in our shop. BBCM matched perfectly with our sourcing requirements: Handmade: check! Vegan: check! and most importantly cruelty free: check!  And, the husband wife dynamic duo is one strong business bond not to be messed with!

Kristen: Which are your favorite products of ours?
Lib: I was very curious about your bath bombs, they are currently on the craze according to my daughter (who is a bath bomb fanatic,) and I definitely was interested in trying them out at Hazel Daze. But I have to say that I am impressed with all your products!! The bug sprays we sold were reviewed very highly!!!

I highly recommend you check out Hazel Daze Boutique online and in store. The vision and focus of the store is ethical, sustainable, and beautiful, and Lib DeNure goes out of her way to empower women; she even hired two interns to teach them the trade!

Read two feature articles on Hazel Daze Boutique here and here.


Lib DeNure, owner of Hazel Daze.


The Hazel Daze boutique at 86 Post Road in Fairfield.

Credits for Photos: Hearst Connecticut Media file photos



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