Declaring Independence from Negativity

The United States will celebrate its 240th birthday of independence tomorrow and we’re thrilled to wish the good old USA a happy birthday! Along with declaring our independence as a nation, we are going to look at this celebration from the perspective of a microcosm of personal life: We are declaring our independence from negativity!

There are far too many ways life, people, and even our own minds put us down, and make us feel less than worthy. This is simply not acceptable. In this blog post, we are going to share some statements that we hope you will embody as you join us in declaring independence from negative thoughts, actions, and people.

  1. You know more than you think you do. Trust your knowledge and gut instincts to guide you to do what you know is right.
  2. You are more beautiful than you think you are. Stop focusing on what appears to be your unattractive features and note what is gorgeous about yourself. You may not be happy with your current weight, your skin, your hair, but I bet you have beautiful eyes, lips, hips, smile. Remember, if you’re hyper-focusing on what’s negative, other people are doing the same for themselves. Put your best foot forward and be confident in who and what you are right here and right now.
  3. Whatever you think you don’t know, you can read and learn. Never allow yourself or someone else to believe you’re ignorant or uninformed. If you can read, you can learn anything (thank you, Angela Carillo of Alegna Soaps, for teaching me this wisdom).
  4. If you have a will, you can find a way. You can truly do whatever you have set in your mind and heart (of course, within reason…no matter how much you wish, you cannot become a unicorn). You want to write a novel, run a marathon, start a business, you can. Recognize the hard work needed and walk the miles with one foot in front of the other. Be self-aware to decide if it’s something you are truly willing to work hard for, and if it is, you will accomplish it. All in time.
  5. Ignore the haters. People will try to sip on their hater-ade and bring you down with their doubts, their fears, but that’s exactly the problem – it’s THEIR issues they are really contending with. People project their own negativity when they are not confident in themselves. It’s a difficult task, to try and walk away, especially if the negative thoughts are coming from people you care about, but accepting those thoughts as truths is simply not productive for anyone.
  6. Support others in their journey. When faced with competition, we often want to chew other people down, but all it does it make you look smaller. Look at it through this lens – let’s pretend you’re shopping for a photographer for your next event – photographer A presents what she offers, as does photographer B, but photographer B spends half of her presentation talking about how “unprofessional” photographer A is… Who really appears to be unprofessional? You must be the same. In life, always view yourself as a teacher, “lifting as we climb,” as Donna Maria of the Indie Business Network always preaches. Your positive outlook will be infectious and people will gravitate towards that.
  7. Find your gratitude. Take a close look at your life. Even if you’re in a dark place right now where everything seems to be falling apart, there is something to be thankful for. Every day, be gracious and thankful for one thing – it could be as big as landing a new job, or as simple as having food on your table. Make a conscious effort to find gratitude in something every day, and you will find that life has a more positive twist.

We would love to hear your thoughts on how you plan to declare your independence from negativity! Feel free to comment and share.

3 thoughts on “Declaring Independence from Negativity

  1. Your welcome Kristen, but the wise man who taught me was my dad.

    It seems the older I get the less negativity I can put up with. I find myself quickly excusing myself from a conversation or leaving the room. Wish I realized earlier that I have the power to control what I fill my mind with.


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