Eight Ways You’re Poisoning Your Life and Home

After I made a huge mistake when I was interning in college, I attempted to explain my choice to my boss through the mode of intention. He replied: “Good intentions pave the road to hell.” Lesson learnt. Sometimes we think we’re doing something right, we have all the right intentions in place, but perhaps through our ignorance, we’re actually doing something wrong. Believe it or not, you are doing this in your household right now.

You are poisoning your home and life unintentionally. The good news, we’re not quite in the firey-clad basement yet, so there is time to educate yourself and fix your lifestyle. It’s all about awareness, and that’s what the purpose of today’s blog is – to give you awareness of your bad habits so you can be empowered to fix them.

You’re Poisoning Your Life and Home…

1. By spraying aerosols. Whether you’re spraying harmful phthalate-full room “refreshers,” hair spray, or cooking spray, all of the harmful aerosols are damaging to the air quality in your home, and depleting the ozone layer. Use natural candles for home fragrance, and consider aerosol-free alternatives to hair spray, cooking spray, etc.

2. By not disinfecting your kitchen and bathroom. I know you’re cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, but you’re probably not disinfecting it. The only way to really kill germs is to let a bleach-water solution stand for at least five to ten minutes, or spraying a pre-made bleach spray and letting it stand for at least five to ten minutes.

3. By not washing your hands long enough. You do not need to purchase anti-bacterial soap in order to get a quality wash, it’s all about the length of time. You need to scrub your hands (that means between fingers, up through the wrists, under the nails) for at least twenty full seconds, then rinse. If you’re not washing your hands long enough, you may be allowing particularly strong bacteria to linger on your body, which reproduces strong bacteria.

4. By not finishing all of your antibiotics. If you’re prescribed antibiotics to treat an infection by your physician, it’s being prescribed in the exact dose you need to complete the course of treatment. If you stop your treatment when you begin to feel better, you can contribute to causing antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This means that bacteria that has not yet died from treatment will reproduce and evolve to be resistant to antibiotics. Follow doctor’s orders.

5. By trying to get a “base tan.” There is no such thing as a base tan, and over-exposure to the sun’s rays without proper use of sunscreen can contribute to skin cancer, sun spots, and early skin aging. Always wear your sunscreen.

6. By not getting enough sleep. Sleep is our body’s way of rejuvenating. While you sleep, your body creates new cells, works on fighting any bacteria, virus, or fungus, and rejuvenates your organs. Your mind rests and organizes its thoughts (like a computer does when it defragments its hard drive). We need sleep to prevent disease and to stay in our optimal state. Even missing an hour a day can lead to an entire night’s loss of sleep over the course of a week. Whatever is keeping you up can wait; get to bed!

7. By skipping your daily teeth flossing. Flossing helps prevent plaque buildup on teeth, and helps eliminate food particles from gums. Even if you’re brushing the recommended twice-a-day, you still need to floss to prevent periodontal disease. Periodontal disease has not only been linked to various mouth diseases, but also to heart disease. So make sure you floss for your overall health.

8. By not changing your toothbrush, sponge, or bath sponge. Standing water is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, and these items are always in water. You should throw out your bath sponge and toothbrush at least every three months, and your kitchen sponge every four weeks (depending on use). These items are inexpensive enough to be disposable, go ahead and buy a new one so you’re not “washing” with mold.

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