Eight Tips for a Healthier Summer

The summer months are upon us, full of sunshine, swimming, barbecues, and hanging out in the backyard. While the days are longer, and our desire to be outside is difficult to resist, it’s important to remember to take care of our bodies and minds during these months.

In this blog post, we would like to highlight a few ways you can take care of yourself, and your family, by offering some sound advice as well as featuring some of our products which can help you stay on track towards a healthier lifestyle.

1.Wear sunscreenTime and time again, it’s so important to remember to not only put sunscreen on once, but to reapply every two hours and after swimming. The recommended SPF is 30, and be sure to check labels to ensure the sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB rays. Kids should especially be monitored, as they’re often running around and sweating off their sunscreen. If you’re in a situation where it will be difficult to reapply, consider wearing light-colored but protective clothing to detract harmful rays.

2. Watch out for mosquitoes. With the recent highlight on the Zika virus, and previous concerns about the West Nile virus, people are avidly more aware of how harmful mosquito bites can be. We’re proud to feature two limited edition seasonal products, our Don’t Bug Me all natural bug deterrent essential oil spray, and our Don’t Bug Me candle, created with essential oils and soy wax. See a video testimonial about our Don’t Bug Me spray. Read more about deterring bugs naturally.

3. Stay hydratedSummer barbecues are the best! While barbecue foods aren’t always the healthiest option, there are a few ways to combat all of the extra sodium (such as from hot dogs) and sweating, and that’s of course, through drinking extra water. But, you can also up your water intake by eating water-filled fruits and veggies, such as, you guessed it, watermelon! Watermelons are a fantastic option to add hydration to your system (and you can even give a little bit to your dog, just be sure to take out the seeds and don’t let Scruffy over-indulge or he might not feel so well later). Also remember, while you’re indulging in some barbecue fare and maybe having a brew to go along with it, alcohol is a diuretic, so drink extra water to help your liver stay at its best. Another fun summer hydration tip – fuse your water with lemon, cucumber, and mint for some delicious-tasting water and added minerals.

4. Get some rest. It’s so easy to stay out and stay up so much later now that the sun hangs around for extended days, but your body needs to still get a good night’s sleep to help keep everything functioning. Did you know that sleep helps regenerate cells, which can keep you looking younger and healthier? We also have an awesome product that serves multiple purposes here – our all natural essential oil Rest Easy spray. Made with Roman and German chamomile, and lavender essential oils, this delightful tincture can be used as a body spray, a linen spray, a facial toner, and an after-shave. So spray a little on your sheets to help you get a restful night’s sleep, then spray a little on a cotton ball after you wash your face (or shave), and rub on your face to reveal the beautiful skin the night has helped regenerate!

File May 30, 8 18 13 PM.jpeg


5. Mind your electricity, gas, and water.  We get so wrapped up in keeping our bodies healthy, we sometimes forget about our wallets (or our environment), and one way to do that it to keep your carbon footprint lower. In a future blog post, I will write about some energy and cost efficient tips for your utilities. (Stay tuned!).

6. Choose to walk. Now that the weather is warming, you don’t have to run from your car to find shelter. If possible, try to walk to wherever you’re going. If that’s not plausible, consider parking a little further away so you get a few extra steps in. Also consider taking the stairs, or taking the elevator one or two flights lower so you can walk a little more.

7. Skip the cheese. I know I’m receiving cheers from all of my vegan pals here, but this one is painful for me, but a must. With so many foods that ask for cheese…burgers, fries, hot dogs… it may seem hard to resist, but skipping it can save a lot of calories (nevermind the ethics of dairy farming). If you use the right combo of fixings, like ketchup, relish, and mustard, you won’t even miss it!

8. Exfoliate your skin! From all the sweating, sun, and pool time, your skin is going to need some saving, and exfoliation is key. Exfoliation washes away dead skin cells and rejuvenates skin, which also encourages fresh cell growth. PLUS, if you want your sunscreen to be effective, you NEED to exfoliate, otherwise the sunscreen is just protecting dead skin. Give our Salt it Off Shea a try for body exfoliation and our Face the Day for facial exfoliation – a bonus with these two scrubs is that you won’t need any moisturizer, because they’re jam-packed with good-for-your-skin oils that won’t clog your pores.

We’ve also made a seasonal combo of scrub and body butter scented in our famous Beach Bumming fragrance to keep your skin soft, supple, hydrated, exfoliated, and smelling absolutely delicious! Check our our Beach Bumming Bundle for sexy summer skin!

beach bundle - body butter and body scrub.jpg

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